The Sovereign Citizen Hype

Here’s a snapshot from the ADL’s website. If you noticed some of these “sovereign citizen” arrests taking place. You should notice who is next on the list! The “tax protest movement” ie the “Tea Party.” This is no joke. Then who is to follow them? It is VERY important that law enforcement as well as the military don’t follow orders from the influence of organizations like the “Southern Poverty Law Center” and the “Anti-Defamation League” because this path is a dangerous one!


Update 11-1-12
It’s not just here in Nola. This epidemic is spreading, fast!

In response to James Gill of the Times Picayune’s 8/22/12 article:

Sovereign Citizen’s nutty tenets spur violent acts:”

I’ve been bewildered that the Anti-Defamation League, the FBI, as well as the Southern Poverty Law Center have spoke of this so-called “Sovereign Citizen movement” in the past and predominately in the last few years. To say the least, this whole idea that we have this “loosely held terrorist group” of 200,000 people who claim that they don’t pay taxes, don’t have drivers licenses, and are buying up all the guns and ammo to reign havoc on our utopian system that we live in, is the most idiotic portrayal of the fear mongering propaganda we as Americans have ever seen. The audacity of tying this isolated police shooting perpetrated by these uneducated degenerate junkies is far from reality. It is truly ironic that the ADL and the SPLC have put Alex Jones in the crosshairs and say he and people like him have instigated this attack. The reason it is ironic is because the mainstream labels Alex Jones a conspiracy theorist, but the only conspiracy theory is that the “sovereign citizen” movement exists.

I think we can blame James Gill’s false sense of reality on his daily dose of propaganda perpetrated main stream media exposure. However, you shouldn’t worry because I’m going to draw this out for you.

Most will agree that government spending is at an all-time high right now. (I’m assuming that this is common knowledge and not a conspiracy theory.) It should also be common knowledge that the more federal government spending means a larger federal government influence and more federal regulations that may directly or indirectly affect our personal lives. Ok, I hope you are still following me Mr. Gill, I know this is a difficult concept to grasp. Now with a larger federal government, one can assume that the taxpayer will inevitably have to pay for it. So, let’s just face reality and admit that most Americans don’t want this. Some Americans, like myself, don’t believe we need to continue pouring trillions into wars like Afghanistan. We don’t agree with bailing out the banks or continuously raising the debt ceiling.
We don’t believe that the first, second, forth, or fifth amendments should be under attack, in fact we are fans of the Constitution.
We don’t deny the fact that the federal government is spreading more and more into our personal lives. Some of us don’t want to pose naked just to get on a flight, or feel it is necessary to have the traffic cameras on every street corner. But I guess if you don’t agree with big government, than that makes you Al-Qaeda or the new trendy terrorist called the “Soveign Citizen.”



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