Military industrial complex


Hold on a sec, while I cry a river for these poor souls that will lose their jobs. This is actually good news on the storm front of the military industrial complex… Cuts! Yes, that’s right if we don’t have perpetual wars, then we can’t have so many military contractor jobs. (I’m assuming that defense contractors know that wars and contracts should be temporary.) I don’t feel bad about them losing their jobs if it means that less of our troops will be in harms way. Only time will tell. It is particularly scary that Lockheed was going to send out pink slips right before the election, however, due to the fact that they must be counting on Romney to start more meaningless wars abroad.

What happens when these companies are sponsoring the war/fear mongering news that you watch?

What if I told you that they also donate to the politicians who will “play ball” with a war with Iran? Then Northrop Grumman can get government funded contracts to pay for them to build more weapons and other devices for the government and make great profits from that. While at the same time, they are sponsoring media outlets like Fox News so they can sell to you, the viewer, that we need to go to war. May I introduce you to the ‘Military Industrial Complex’!

Were we not warned?

Do you think this build-up was by mistake?


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