The inevidible War

Geopolitics have been a huge interest of mine in the last 15 years and for good reason. No matter what mitigating factors change on the sidelines of the world stage, a new world war is inevitable.
I wasn’t meant to live in a time of peace. Try to understand the depth of this statement, it is perhaps logically fallious even. However I am not as illogical as one would think. The stages of the world ARE gearing up for a new world war, coupled with technology that cannot be comprehended by 1945 standards. Supersonic Chinese warships, intercontinental missiles in many countries including Russia, china, the US, and all NATO allies.  
It is difficult for me to paint a picture of what will happen day by day, but all signs point to war. Today, the Russian ambassador to Turkey was assassinated on a stage. A huge incident hardly mentioned by CNN, of course. The mainstream media wants you to be as out the loop about this known war, and that is horrid.
Here’s what you need to know about Aleppo:

This fought after city in Syria has been taken back by president Assad’s forces. All BS aside bashir al Assad is still the legitimate leader of Syria. And they are taking it back. Syria was really the back burner off the US interventions across the Middle East, mainly Iraq and Libya were the first targets. As a result of toppling regimes isis was created in that vacuum.
In 2010 ghadaffi mentioned that he is who keeps the west safe because he kept all his people in Libya. As much to say, they will migrat to Europe in droves.
And this has happened after the fall of Libya. The immigration crisis began. As we have the left leaning leaders saying let the refugees stay. They mean us no harm. Wrong again.
Where does Turkey fit in to this? They are on the border of Syria pushing their influence to take over Syria from the north, while Russia protects Assad in Damascus. All the will the Saudi funded terrorists were armed by the United States, were fighting heading north from Iraq. This was in Syria will be a flashpoint for the new war.  
The United States have some entangled alliances with The Saudi’s, the Israelis, and the Turks. So therefore what one of these factors do points the blame back at the US.  
With the Ambassador being gunned down, I would assume the Russians will react. They may just want the gunman extradited to Russia to put him on trial or they may start dropping bombs off the Turkish Kurds in Syria.  
This may result in a “hot” war between Russia and Turkey. Which, by default, causes Russia to invade NATO. Then every NATO country joins the fight.

Then there is a full scale war. The only way to prevent this as of now is to disband Turkey out of NATO and send all the refugees down to Turkey and Turkey can send them back to the Middle East. A strong relationship with Trump and Putin can then focus solely on Isis, and end the scourge of the islamification of Europe. Would Erdagon do it? Doubtful, but it is still the most likely way to stop the world war.


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