Understanding the “angry” white man.


To explain why white people and republicans in general are angry, you have to understand what the left wing progressivism and more importantly the Obama administration have been doing. White people are angry, because of the influx in illegal immigration (not because of xenophobia, I’ll explain later), we are angry about more and more gun restrictions put forth by this administration, we really take offense to being shamed for being white by those who push “white guilt” or “white privilege” garbage. According to the NAACP, whites are the only race that can be considered racists. How can that be? We don’t have any other races that have any real racism between other races? That’s nonsense. We are living in strange times. We live in a time where you can sit in a “managing diversity” class and be hounded for being simply a white male. We have these police shootings making major headlines this past year resulting in this black lives matter movement.
On immigration, you simply have to understand American History. When every war broke out throughout America’s 340 years of existence, there was no privilege for whites, they had to fight in all these wars. This created many terrible things that white people and their families had to deal with leading up to the world wars and the vietnam war. By then many American citizens despite the race had to fight in such wars. From this perspective where the white men that had to constantly fight to retain stake in this country, how do you justify immigration or mass immigration? Americans had to risk life and limb to continue to have some stake in this country. The illegal aliens from south of the border and the Syrian refugees have contributed nothing, yet they are offered welfare, food stamps, etc. which is all paid by American tax dollars. Even if you are completely liberal, how can someone justify this? How can you justify that our ancestors had to fight in wars for this country, and the federal government is just handing over the fruits of those sacrifices. 

I will also mention slavery. The African Americans in this country today are usually descendants of that plight of American history that was slavery. The African Americans have also contributed much to the creation of America, and they too should be upset about the illegals coming in, that once again, historically have contributed nothing. This is why allowing illegal aliens to stay here is such an insult to all Americans.  
We have issues with gun control, because white people that live in rural areas or in the suburbs, are not seeing any reason for the federal government to put more restrictions, because outside the cities, there are very few crimes involving firearms. Therefore, this “gun violence” or these isolated incidents is not that huge of a problem for whites. The real problem is in the major cities, gang related crime results in many gun deaths are not our responsibility or our problem or more importantly, not our fault. Most white people do have compassion and know how bad the generally “black on black” violence is. It’s really not that we don’t care about it, it’s just generally not happening in white communities. While white people’s guns are generally not involved in gang warfare and basically only are used for home defense and for hunting. It has been our second amendment right for centuries. You could probably understand the frustrations we would have when Obama spouts off about “common sense gun solutions”. We just don’t need that nor ever did. Also, if you understand history and the Bill or Rights, guns are taken by every tyranny from China’s Mao, Germany’s Hitler, Russia’s Stalin, and basically every modern dictatorship as well. Most white people support the constitution and bill or rights, and deeply understand why gun control would be a terrible idea for our lives and livelihoods. It’s not just the whites either, the constitution applies to all Americans.
White privilege is a topic that is getting tossed around universities in current times. Why not? I bet you couldn’t bring this up in Japan in 1942 when American whites are getting shipped off and getting in gruesome battles being slaughtered by the 100’s in response to the attack from the Japanese empire. Who would have dared to bring this up then? You see, in order to question the current times you have to understand the past! We weren’t always a country of godless shirkers and transgender sissies. That is just now, it was never then. Like the times that “tried men’s souls” the DNA didn’t change. Embedded in our genes is a destiny and this current society is not it! What we are witnessing now, is a vast leftwing takeover. How did we come to this point in human history?
It is because of the LACK of scarcity of resources in government and being coddled from cradle to grave, the government is pacifying this fight within us. You don’t have to work to eat, you don’t have to pay for your child’s healthcare, their education, their food, their shelter. We have everything handed down from an unlimited government. At the current trajectory, we would be heading to Mike Judge’s ‘Idiocracy’. After all, a person is only as intelligent as they are pushed to be. The good news is, Idiocracy will not happen, because we will have another world war. Yes, a war that will bring back the scarcity of government that we so desperately need to bring us back to reality. With that we will come full circle, back to limited government and limited entitlements, and don’t you liberals worry, because as bad as any war will get, throughout the history of humanity the white man that you shame today will be there to fight it and win it again and the prize of which will be to have their grandkids shamed for white privileges in an unlimited supply of government. You wanted to know why white Republicans are so angry? Blow it out your ass.


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