Prison Industrial Complex

I will speak out against immoral acts that the government are currently engaging in. I have spoken at length about the “Military Industrial Complex“, because to profit from war is 100% wrong and evil.
Here’s another complex that doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves. The “Prison Industrial Complex”. When corporations make profit off of enslaving others, it is eternally immoral.

Watch this video
If you feel like it’s not a big deal because it hasn’t happened to you, all I can tell you is that it’s coming. The laws change and get more and more oppressive as the years go by. No one is with out sin, and the gadgets we are using today can be just the right evidence needed as our civil rights diminish.
It’s not just the prisons that capitalize off of imprisoning offenders. It’s also the meat packing plants, the candy manufacturing, and many others. My goal is to expose all the companies that hire prison labor to make a profit.


Pictured is Lasalle Corrections Facility in the Prison Capital of the World, Louisiana.



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