…Fear Itself

Radical-IslamAs the Paris attacks subside and people are realizing the threat of Islamic terrorism once again, they take a break from the constant daydream of unicorns and rainbows and polarizingly get brought back to reality.

With that, there is this. Governments in the west are on high alert over more Islamic terrorist attacks. This alertness is a double edged sword. Yes it is good and healthy to be weary of Islamic refugees stomping across Europe and the US, but if we live in fear over it the terrorists win.

I’ve said before that we are on all fronts being attacked from propaganda from domestic forces and foreign forces.
Yes Islamic terror is a threat, but don’t take the eye off the ball. The ball in this case is “Left wing Globalism”.

Let us not forget the the left enabled such attacks in Paris, by taking in a flood of immigrants from the middle east. While they are in control, they have the ability to ‘react’ in a way they see fit.

There is a fundamental problem with those in power dealing with the problems they create with their own solutions. For example, the action of the firebombing the Reichstag in WW2, was done while Hitler was in charge, and the Nazis used this to gain more power. Or more recently how the US used the 911 attacks to go to war with Iraq and the destruction the forth amendment with the build up domestic spying.

We have to remain vigilant and remind ourselves the the Progressive left is in control right now, and the ‘reaction’ of terror attacks have historically worse than the attacks themselves.

Of course we should condemn islamic terrorism and blame them for the attacks in Paris, but keep in mind our larger enemy who is in control of west.

My prediction on the current ‘reaction’.
They will use the attacks to ramp up spying on citizens in the US, but it won’t be for the Islamists. They have a clear agenda. They will use the new spying powers to demonized white gun owners, or the tea party, conservatives, etc.

Obama’s agenda will stay constant no matter what crisis arises.


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