The Left-wing as a weapon

When you sort out the constant bombardment of BS we face day-to-day, it is time to call out the real culprit.

Before now, I didn’t know what to make of the ‘Russia Today’ network.
Its so sneaky what they are doing it is difficult to explain or articulate.
They come off as anti-establishment news or against the mainstream. So they appeal enormously to those that dont buy in to the Mainstream media. It offers an alternative to ‘corporate media’.
However, there is something more sinister about it. When I would watch it I’d agree with it covering some truths that we dont see. I noticed though, the left progressive shows, I really began to question the motives of this channel.

When you figure it out it’s earth shattering.

The only reason that this non-corporate foreign news source hires all progressives is because of the actual motive of RT’s host country.

The Russians know. They are calculated and what they do is never by accident. They are well thought out strategists. You see, it would make sense for our top competitors to weaken our country by the interior rot, than to hit us straight on. They have found a way to pour salt into our open wound (the leftwing) to destroy us. (To be fair, it’s not just the Russians that benefit from this weaponized left, there are many players and factions that contributed to this.) It is time to wake up and abandon these ideologies now, in order to save our people and our drifting country. The only question is, “Is it too late?”
While Americans sit here and get our beliefs constantly bombarded with left agenda things like 3rd wave feminism, pro-gay and transsexual propaganda, this corrosive hip hop culture by MTV, our foes are benefitting from it tremendously.

Lets look at the domestic media first. It is almost completely left wing propaganda. All of the major mainstream media outlets with the exception of Fox News supports the left wing agenda. They not only support it, the perpetuate the current administrations lies and deceit. The average trendy progressive may not look at the large scale damage that they are doing because “they know not what they do.”. They look at the emotions of a bullied kid and think we need to do more for this victim and coddle him, protect him for being stupid and then drag him to the voting booth. What they fail to realize is the long term effects of being irrational bags of emotion. The tides are turning!
We need to look at the outlooks of the 1950’s and prior before all this BS began, to understand real logic and reasoning and hope for the future. The reason we need to have “manly” role models (as in war) will become apparent soon enough.

How can someone benefit from the decline of society? Well foreign competitors are still raising their boys to be masculine and are not shaming them for it.
What is the left wing progressive movement if its not a controlled demolition of the masculine, white culture that won this country years ago?

So the left can feel good about their effeminate sons not being bullied in school, while the rest of the world is raising real men and soldiers.

The president just appointed an openly gay pentagon official to secretary of the army. After firing scores of (real men) generals.

This is why the left is used as a weapon. It appeases the minority groups, while it absolutely destroys the once dominant culture of a country. This is a recipe for disaster on all fronts. This is why foreign media supports it and props it up, while at their own country they condemn it.
You should fear the Russians especially because they know how to take us down. They have found the Achilles heal of our country’s culture and national identity, and they are exploiting that weakness efficiently.
Furthermore, when the violence broke out in the Ukraine, the Russians labels the sovereign Ukraine fighters as neo-Nazis. Its merely another strategy that the Russians play calling right wingers Neo-Nazis. The rise of the far rights is being suppressed across Europe as well with Marine Le Pen being tried for speaking out against the Muslim invasion of Europe .

So what’s that RT? “Freedom of speech means little, without freedom to question.”-RT

So America is at war on several fronts here, internally the Left wing is destroying all that was good about America while the Russians and the world are just riding that train for a similar result. The left wants to destroy America and so do our top competitors.

As I final thought, I dont fear the wars to come. I welcome them, because this political correctness propaganda has gone on long enough. We have already drifted too far into these failed ideologies and the only way to put the pieces back into their proper place will be the upcoming battle. We’ve gone so far left, the world will need to see the “ugly right” once again.


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