War in Syria Explained.

Putin explains fully.

After watching Vladimir Putin in this video, it is quite shocking to hear how honest he is when he speaks about going to war.
Just to contrast, think about all the lies that the people of the united states had to endure when it came to our government going to war. Just think about it. Putin knows who started the uprising in Syria, he knows who’s paying them and how much. I have no doubts that what he is saying is the truth.
Just imagine if we had a leader that spoke the truth before sending the nations youth to war. We don’t have that. We only had lies…
The United States and its allies have been in secret wars with hidden agendas all my life. So imagine if they told us the truth.

No, Saddam Hussein was not a threat to our national security. In fact his Iraq kept the middle east much more stable.
Same goes for Mubarak, Gaddafi, and Assad. They are not the enemy.

Now you want to know who the enemy really is? Maybe the Wahhabis(Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE) funded ISIS/ISIL/IS.
We and the Saudis destabilized the whole region.

Now, lets look at Russia’s war in Syria for a moment. They first attack the “moderate” Syrian rebels, who later join Isis. Which makes sense, considering you don’t go after the pawns first. If you take out the “birthing grounds” where Isis stems from, it makes allot more sense. Its sort of like in ‘the Patriot’ when Benjamin Martin tells the kids to aim for the officers first.
Then the troops will be in disarray, they scatter, and the lose their hope and direction. It is similar to Putin targeting the training and arming areas first.
Its a way to cut off ISIS from the source.
This is how a legitimate war should look like, or a simple war of conquest.

Now, back to the US. I spent 10 months of my life in Afghanistan and I have some serious questions regarding that war.
Why did the US allow the Warlords to stay in power? Did the Taliban effectively try to ban the sickening Bachabazi as well as the opium trade? I don’t think the Taliban sat there and allowed it to happen as the US did. Why do they call themselves Mujahedeen and we haven’t heard that term since ‘Charlie Wilson’s war’? By the us allowing the warlords to stay in power and continuing on with this drawn out war, it makes you wonder, was this not a war of conquest? What was the strategy for winning and leaving if there ever was one? Putin draws out his strategies and intentions with the world, why didn’t our leaders?

In short, I do not support Saudi Arabia’s war OF terror in Syria, and i hope that those devils funded by our allies all die. They are the enemy of humanity, and from someone who paid attention to all this unfolding, I can tell you that the Russians reasons to go to war are just, our reason to start it was not.

Or a very simplified way.



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