The Racial Motive


It’s not about General Lee or confederate flags. It is all about taking the white race and demonizing him. The progressives, have a loathing of hatred towards white people in the most general sense. Based on what im seeing in the news recently, they want to not just erase history, but erase white history.
Its getting to where white America, is getting backed into a corner and they have to choose between flight or fight.
I have no stake in this system nor do I have a racial bias. What I am saying is simply, what the progressives are doing today will have substantial consequences. Possibly another civil war or race war for that fact. The trick is this, don’t buy into the propaganda. Divide and conquer is a tactic only being used to hurt everyone while the wool is pulled over our eyes.
I dont know how long ill be around or if I will be around when the political paradigm swings back, just be ready for it and dont buy into the propaganda!


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