Happiness and bullshit


Basically, I can break down what they are really saying here. Dont dwell on anything, think positively no matter what. If you are unhappy you need to practice dumbing yourself down and not focus on all the bullshit the world tries to throw at you. Just think of the good, find the peanut in the big turd of life.

Here’s why I “choose” not to be happy.
In my quest for a higher understanding, I have managed to decode all the bullshit in life that makes me unhappy. I have intentionally focused on the bullshit, so much so that I’ve written this blog about bullshit. I would argue that it is not me but the bullshit itself that is making me unhappy. Had their been no bullshit, then happiness would be an easy achievement.
The problem is, if everyone decided to not focus on the bullshit, then more bullshit would thrive, it would become more and more entangling but the people would say fuck it, I’m happy. What would happen if the British crown in early America decided to tell all the settlers that its not the King and his bullshit that makes you unhappy, its your own mind. If the founders would have bought this, then we’d still be living under the British crown.
Better yet, tell the slaves in the old south that their depression is caused by internal factors, ask the Chinese that have to work at Foxconn “Why are you jumping off the building?” Its an internal problem that causes your depression. What’s wrong buddy? it’s a little demoralizing to work at Auschwitz? Well the reason you’re not happy is because you are thinking too negatively.

We don’t need more happiness, we need less bullshit.

There is no telling on how much money the Mayo clinic squandered in this study, but its answer is simplistic and basic, not so much cracking any codes. You’re unhappy because of the bullshit’s existence, not because you notice it.

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