Gun Control

This is the epitome of propaganda used specifically for the destruction of the second amendment!

Edward Bernays would have given this group 9.5 stars. 10 being the highest influence to change public opinion through the very same irrationalities that his Uncle, Sigmund Freud discovered and Bernays, exploited.

Irresponsibility happens!!! There is no question that irresponsible accidents do indeed happen. Whether its a gun, or a car, or falling off a cliff for that matter.
When people blame the gun, you are being swayed by the manipulation of your emotional mind. This is what makes “brainwashing” possible. It is a weapon of propaganda.

The purpose:

Ban citizens from acquiring weapons that free thinking individuals deem necessary to protect themselves.

The rollout:

Exploit the victims of violence or accidents involving guns.

The Endgame: Unknown

This is mind control, this is deception, in a world of propaganda. Understand that to deceive is the ultimate evil. Same goes for the exploitation of irrational, emotional fears.

Wake up.

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