Fall guy

I see why Obama is blackballing Israel right now. He was only meant to set up the collapse into ww3. He didn’t sign on for initiating it. I suppose that is Jeb Bush’s job, or lord forbid, Hillary. This whole argument of whether or not Iran gets a bomb or not, is flawed. If they wanted a nuke so bad, why not ask the Russians for a few of their 10’s of thousands left over in the soviet stockpiles. Im sure they wouldn’t mind parting with a few. So what is the issue here? Israel wants to start ww3? I suppose it’s about the right time, except we got the wrong man for the job domestically.
I think Obama feels played by the Israelis, he wants to make a deal that would work for the US empire. Israel, on the other hand wants to destroy the hornets nest with such force that it will beg the opposition for a reaction. Its hard to say what will happen. I am convinced that the stage is set for a third world war. I am also convinced that Israel will start it. Time will tell.
I just want no part in it. If Ron Paul wasn’t robbed of his presidency, we would be having a completely different conversation right now. He wanted to stop the train heading towards ww3.
It just wasn’t in the cards for us to prevent it. May God help us.

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