Obama’s Saudi King

Update: King Abdullah is dead, but it doesn’t discount all the legwork Obama has done for him.

It has become increasingly clear to me where the Obama administration is coming from. You can’t look at the wars and America’s actions from the last decade on the surface. There is this Saudi constant, in all of our foreign entanglements. I will try to tell it as if I were the Saudi king running Americas military over the last 14 years.

If I were the Saudis, first off I would want to end the competing states.
So we look at our foreign policy, lets see if it checks out
The middle East is completely destabilized. It started in Iraq, then went to Libya, then Egypt, then Syria. Once we got into Syria to overthrow Assad, as we did in Iraq, then Libya, then Egypt something happened. The Russians stepped in and began protecting Assad.
The Israelis were continuing the dialog to knock out Iran. This was the plan, we weren’t supposed to stop at Syria. One by one they were going down, Iran was always the end game.
As we invaded Afghanistan, the Russians observed, then Iraq, they were still observing. They observed as our money was bleeding out enough and then we went after one of their interests, Syria.
That is when the Russians started to respond, mobilize, and defend.
The international lines are drawn in the sand. Of course, Putin will invade the Ukraine when the EU started installing riots and taking out their ally. The Russians made a strategy move into Crimea, and by the most reasonable way. They showed up to secure it, let the people vote on independence/annexation and they voted for it overwhelmingly.

The Russians have been living in the Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet empire. The borders changed but the people in Eastern Ukraine and Crime are still Russian. Sort of like the Germans in East Prussia after WWI.

Then we look at keystone pipeline. If you think that Obama’s defiance is about “Environmentalism” or protecting so me Sioux tribe you are crazy. He doesn’t want to piss off the Saudis. The pipeline would cause cheaper oil and gas that would cripple the gulf states or UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. He would have vetoed the bill even if Landrieu got the 60 votes.
You see, Obama is just doing exactly what he was put here to do. Protect the petro dollar by following orders of his king.


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