Who are the Wahhabis?

Its important for a realist to see the world for what it is. After learning alot about the world one thing stuck, this wahhabist theme seems to be the derivative of the events happening around the world.

The complexity of foreign policy.
If someone with an untrained eye looks at the media, and what dictates foreign policy. The actions in the world seems sort of schizophrenic or hypocritical.

This hypocrisy can at first glance be blamed on the two party system. The democrats this, the Republicans that.
1. What do the parties agree with?
2. What has been continuous on foreign policy, through Bush, Obama, Clinton, Bush Sr., and prior to.

Well not all politicians seem to be for Israel, some are more hostile against Russia or China than others. The middle East is hard to figure out. One thing is constant, and it lies in Saudi Arabia.

Lets put any country in the driver seat of of our foreign policy and see which one flows.

Its not completely Israel, because the they want a war in Iran immediately. The war in Iraq checks out. But what about Egypt and Mubarak, a long standing ally taken out and Muslim radicals taking over? So Israel doesn’t pass the test.

However, when you realize what the Saudis would want, every single foreign intervention makes sense. It simply flows.
I cannot think of one event that the US was involved in in the middle east that is incongruent with the will of the wahhabi Saudis.
So, Saudi Arabia is an entity that wants more money and power. What they would want is to take out their competition. Or perhaps better, covertly take over the region.
Iraq was a major competitor. Saddam was taken out. Libya was a competitor, Libya was taken out. Syria was a competitor, the US tried to take out Assad. Iran is a competitor, but we haven’t attacked there yet. However it would fit in the plan. They are still very demonized by the media, as well as Assads regime.

Now, who are ISIS? They e taken over a large portion of Iraq and Syria. They are Wahhabis as well.

My best guess as to Why?

Because they elevate the petrodollar. They trade oil in USD, the others wanted to, or have moved away from our dollar


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