Parable of the Hornets’ nest.

On a neighbors land not far away, there is a hornets’ nest. Yes, dangerous threats can come from the neighbor’s land because of this hornets’ nest.

Now, under all logic and natural law, you shall not trespass on the neighbor’s land. You shall not step beyond your border to make yourself safer. Therefore, you can defend your land by taking steps to be safer, on your land. This is prevention. Parking your car further away from the nest or staying clear of it as much as possible, wearing protective clothing, etc. You can also use diplomacy and speak to the neighbor to get a resolution. This is all reasonable and this is all prevention. This is the correct way to handle it.

We see a hornets’ nest as a threat. We are irrational and we trespass on our neighbors land and smash it to the ground with a stick. We then further eliminate it by pouring gasoline on it and lighting it on fire. For a short time, the hornets will be in a frenzy and then the threat will eventually go away. We feel good because the threat is gone, but we violated the sacred natural law or God’s law by trespassing in the first place. Although we all can feel safer, we have broken the most sacred and holy of laws.

This is what makes America’s foreign policy so unjust and wrong.


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