Solving the Healthcare debacle

I see things much differently when it comes to solving healthcare in America. Without the slightest doubt, our system was already broken prior to obamacare.
Obamacare is going to be much worse for those who work than the system used to be. The root of the problem, the real problem with the healthcare system, is the 3rd party health insurances. The healthcare insurance mandate in obamacare will be expanded by force, to where, eventually, everyone will be on some type of 3rd party managing the cost of care.
The insurance companies or the 3rd party is what killed the free market in healthcare. They artificially made all prescriptions unaffordable to pay with cash, to where big pharma didn’t have to compete with prices. Instead, they made the cash price high, and they made sweetheart deals with insurance companies with low cost for them. The health insurance if paid for, just came out the paycheck automatically. So they charge the patient however much they can get away with. But the 3rd party didn’t pay as much for the prescriptions.

How would it work if alcohol was managed this way? Lets say a fifth of vodka shot up to $100-$150, due to a recently introduced 3rd party system. Who would want to pay that much? So if some people opt to buy alcohol insurance, they can pay $50-$100 a month but the copay is now 50 cents a fifth.

The benefactor of this small system is the customer with insurance, the alcohol companies, and the 3rd party insurance companies. Who loses?
The guy who paid $150 for a fifth of vodka outright.

Now without the 3rd party, and government regulations, a fifth of vodka is $6.99-$24.99. Why is that? Because they had to compete in a free market for lower prices. It would be exactly the same for prescription drugs if all types of insurance was eradicated. Companies would compete for prices and bring them down to an affordable amount to the patients.

Here’s three steps to having a free market health care system

1. A law that would require pharmacies, doctors, and hospitals to charge insurance companies the same amount as an out of pocket, cash price. This would help people avoid having 1/4 of their salaries go directly to an insurance company that hardly benefits them. It would be the best case scenario for the guy that was forced to pay too much.

Then there’s the government funded healthcare. The Medicaid or Medicare programs do essentially the same thing. He pays a tax that is taken out of his check and it goes directly to pay “non-workers.”

2. I would be for eliminating Medicare and Medicare programs completely, because they make the volume of patients high, which makes demand for doctors high with a lower supply of doctors. Welfare customers would be less frequently at the doctors because they have to pay a reasonable sum, instead of zero.
Then the supply of doctors would be high, and demand, lower. Hence, the prices would have to come down to a reasonable level, or affordable.

3. The prestige of doctors as well as most medical personnel is artificially high due to mainly, licensing requirements. Relax the licensing and regulations for being a doctor, nurse, and so on, then that would also lower healthcare costs.
For example, you shouldn’t be required to have a nine year medical doctor degree for looking at a bacterial infection and prescribe anti-biotics. How hard can that be?
Therefore, the rich go to prestigious doctors, and if you can only afford a mediocre, less prestigious doctor, then you go to them.

That is what a free market healthcare system would look like.

I know. What about grandma, right? Well, how about instead of families paying that ridiculous Medicare tax, all the grandkids can chip in the fruits of their labor to pay for it. You know, the way its been for thousands of years.

But what about welfare mom with six kids and can’t work because she’s obese and on disability (another scam), but benefits financially from having more kids?

You lose, ur just going to work extra hard if u have extra kids. Or marry someone who is willing to share a family with you. Or have a little farm, or go fishing with the kids for food, or barter with the community, or receive charity from a church. It should’ve never been government!

Well, if u can’t afford another kid, you should take preventitive measures. Because forcing the working men and women to pay for your kids, to me, that is illogical or “wrong”.

This entitlement spending is turning those who work into slaves. We need a new tax system, and the free market would have worked in America, if we simply just let it work.


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