Rainbow 6: Patriots

Of course on my little propaganda blog I like to cover things that I notice try to twist or sway people in a direction or another. This game, however, is so over the top, and psychotically blatant anti-right or anti-white propaganda, it scares me.

I’ve often wondered while playing ww2 games, why are the Nazis always bad, or in some cases, “nazi zombies”? What if they came out with a game where you’re playing the Nazi and blowing the shit out of Americans on Normandy beaches, or dropping bombs and suiciding crashing naval fleets in Pearl Harbor as the Japanese imperialists? You don’t see it, because as a general rule, you don’t train kids to kill Americans in America. This game takes the cake though. As a Rainbow 6 team with foreign accents they are essentially doing just that. Indoctrinating kids into shooting Americans in America.

I’m usually the guy that says, “it’s not the video game violence that’s the problem.” I am convinced its not violence in video games that cause mass shootings and things of that nature. Here’s what the games are teaching the youth though. The international teams are always good guys and the resistance are terrorists. Get the kids used to shooting Nazis, the Nazis are always bad. Ok, then the real propagandist probably funded by the ADL says, lets have the kids practice shooting the right-wing, white, tea party guys.
This is an assault. This is siege. This is propaganda. This is war.


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