The Narrative / reality distorted

“Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”
-George Orwell

As we simply live in this world with almost irrelevant lives, something large is happening involved with changing the world. I wonder why? What is so wrong with simply living a sovereign individuals in a simple world? I would say, “live and let live”, but I’m afraid there is something more sinister in the background that stems from powerful individuals with an insatiable LUST TO DOMINATE and control the world through the emotional manipulation of each one of us. These are the slave masters and if you are not a slave master you are to or will become a slave to this orchestrated and very artificial system.

Lust to dominate.
The problem is not that people have a natural lust to dominate, in their own household, the problem is when people/lawmakers want to dominate outside their household.

I remember some things when I was a kid about collectivism. In kindergarten I was reluctant to share my skittles with other kids because I felt like they were all mine. It’s not that I didn’t want to share, but I recall, even then, it didn’t seem natural for me to be dumping my skittles in other kids’ hands.

As I grew older, another obstacle that never sat well with me was when teachers would punish the whole class because of what one individual did. “The good have to suffer for the bad” was their logic. This statement absolutely still doesn’t sit well with me. I thought to myself, “this is not how it should be.”

Then at 17, I joined the Army. Basic training was basically the same indoctrination, only amplified. We were considered useless as an individual, and the term individual was a derogatory word used by the drill sergeants. (“so, you wanna be an individual, private?” Punishment follows.). In the Army, they were all about the collective. In no other profession can one feel like an insignificant number instead of a person, than in the army.
Also, the good still suffered for the bad.
Personally or geopolitically it is a false argument. The fact is, because one individual (Adam Lanza) shot up a school, that means a federal ban on 30 round magazines more stringent background checks, assault rifles in 50 states were pulled off the shelves, and the DHS dried up the ammo supply while buying billions of round of mainly HP pistol rounds and almost any rifle sized ammo. Because of one individual, “the good have to suffer for the bad.” Or it’s for a “greater good” or “fairness”.

It’s illogical, it’s manipulation through emotion, it is plainly WRONG. I am still thinking as I did as a kid when I say, this is not how things should be.

Unlike when I was a kid, however, I sought to find out the root of this failed logic and it is a false narrative set up by those who have a “lust to dominate” people outside of their home. Or masses of people.

In life, We are all actors in a play, we didn’t write or narrate the play, we are just thrown in it with no script. Everyone around us acts a part, but they are the same flesh and blood human as the next guy. Whether you’re working in retail, being a police officer, a soldier, a teacher, or a president, your job is just a role you take on. Although the general consensus is that all men were created equal, some are better actors than others. The better the actor, the better the success.

So, if we are all actors on a stage, playing roles, then their must be someone who observes and someone who controls how things are supposed to play out. No one likes a boring show.
This is where mitigating factors come in, they can change from the role of a cop to a role of a prisoner because of different acts that may be committed. What we would consider criminal “acts”.
Let’s say the stage is progressing into a different narrative. This time the narrater is a psychopath authoritarian. They want everyone to act exactly how they seem fit. If people stop committing enough progressive criminal acts, they can become prisoners for having criminal speech and then criminal thought (aka thoughtcrime).
We are starting to see it. Now, we have the media demonizing the growing in popularity “alternative” media. The Kingpin Bill O’Reilly is the most extreme in making his reality your reality. His ego is so large, you are basically an idiot if you see things differently. Sadly, there’s no other option of noncommunist news sources on the mainstream other than Fox News. Since I can’t stand communist-left propaganda, I sometimes watch fox news and sift through their loaded propaganda. Then there is the alternative media. In this Internet age you can control the narrative somewhat based on what you think is important. For example I frequent sites like,, not because they are concrete reality, but because they offer opposing sides so that individuals can decide for themselves what the closest truth or reality is. Why does O’reilly slam this alternative media, you may ask? Exactly this; they offer opposing sides of his narrative and the narrative that Americans are exclusively supposed to see. We were never meant to question the narrative. We weren’t meant to question the war in Iraq, the military industrial complex, drone strikes in sovereign nations, our entangled partnerships with Syrian rebels, Egypt, Israel, as well as Saudi Arabia and many others.

Refute the predisposed narrative to be an individual.
Believe in the predisposed narrative to stay with the herd.

It is still a choice for you to make if you strive to raise your consciousness.


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