Feminist assault on anything masculine.


I believe that when the liberals finally squeeze the “masculines” enough, there will be significant blowback. That’s right, the liberal feminazis who have progressively seduced the lawmakers into believing that anything masculine is an evil and dangerous thing. They’ve successfully taken natural impulses of men that were never “a big deal” and made the illusion that they are a huge problem. So now, we’re seeing the results of that. A “wink and a pinch” that was harmless in the 1950’s is now “sexual assault.” It was “sexual harassment” 10-15 years ago, now it’s assault. It’s not enough now, that the alleged “victim” needs to cry out more, now they want the “zebras” that witness it to say something. What next?

It’s no coincidence nor is it any surprise to me that we’re seeing these mass shootings, random acts of violence, and suicide all on the rise now. What’s happening is misplaced emotions of what would be men are coming out in the worst way. When people are so constricted, the natural, immovable force is then altered and compressed. It doesn’t go away though. I hear the democrats blaming the guns and the NRA blaming violent video games. What I offer is the real culprit. For that, you’re welcome. This is also part of the reason why “depression” is a huge pandemic right now.

With all that being said, I’ll agree that completely unrestricted masculinity is bad. We cant have rapists running around snatching people up. There needs to be balance. I have to tell you though, we are insanely imbalanced right now. As I say, masculinity needs some limits, feminism is a problem that’s rolling around unrestricted right now. I’ve went over the result of unrestricted feminist progressivism. This too needs to be restricted to restore a natural balance.

If we adopted a concrete and “natural” law that could not change so easily, these progressive shakers will lose their influence and balance can be restored.


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