A Ron Paul Farewell

When I woke up today, I immediately found out that Ron Paul delivered his farewell address to Congress. This speech, as many of his others throughout the years needs to be remembered. As the pyramids in Egypt stood for thousands of years, this man will have to be remembered. He has warned of the dawning collapse for decades now. He has famously declared the term “psychopathic authoritarian” to describe the leaders of this country that sit among the top of the world’s power structure. The lust for dominate or “libido dominandi” was cited by Judge Andrew Napolitano in a description of this psychopathic authoritarian phenomenon. As Ron Paul leaves congress and slowly disappears from the spotlight, we will start to see what this fuss was all about. It saddens me that his message was cut short by the mainstream media machine and how he and his supporters were casted out of any grassroots involvement of our supposed free country’s election. His legacy, however, must not be cut short. I don’t think we’ll have another like Ron Paul in our lifetime, but we’ll have to settle for his the knowledge that he leaves behind. I’m not trying to be pessimistic, and maybe the world could prove one day that having one centralized banking organization manipulating and controlling the world’s wealth was “a good idea”. In time we’ll figure that out. When we start to see the truth unravel in the coming months and years his ideas will finally hit critical mass. Unfortunately, most people in this country will be wondering what happened and try to point the finger. When in reality they’ll only be bits and pieces and video snippets of this man who would be too humble to say the words, “I told you so.” So all I can say now to Dr. Paul is thank you for your service to this country in a bold attempt to tackle the world’s problems and thank you for our awakening and ideologies that you left us with.



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