The Machine

It’s been 11 years since the terrorist attacks on the twin towers and the pentagon. There are too many different opinions what caused that disaster to occur. It is quite possible that we’ll never know exactly what the real cause was. The only things that we can know for sure are the acts that, in plain view, happened thereafter. Let’s just focus on the unarguable facts that happened after that were directly related to 9/11. You see, only a knowledgable public can take what happened in the aftermath and articulate it and mentally attach it to where we are today, 11 years later.

Let us begin, with the war in Afghanistan. Until 9/11, I have never heard of this country. I have, however, heard of Osama bin Laden for the first time that summer of 2001 when I was in Army basic training. It was mentioned to me before hand that this was the number one terrorist or enemy of the united states, from the previous attack of the WTC and the attack on the USS Cole. So directly following the attacks we find ourselves going to war with the Taliban and bin Laden, which seems very justifiable given the attack of innocent civilians that it followed. So the bombs fall, the bases are being built the presence of US troops is increasing and increasing in Afghanistan. Then out of literally no where, the war drums start beating loudly and the crosshairs shift to Iraq.

The media, the Bush administration, and everyone swore to us that Iraq was a major threat now. We hear about these WMD’s that Saddam’s building and hear about the genocidal gassing of the Kurds in Iraq, but most importantly we hear that this country is where all the Muslim extremists are hiding out. So myself, as naive as the majority of the American public fell for it, hook line and sinker. So then the build up turns to Iraq, with a quarter million American troops itching at the borders while bush gives Saddam Hessian the ultimatum to disarm. Times up! Our troops march in and were in another huge war all of a sudden. So the Iraqi military gets there ass handed to them and our troops sit there while the mayhem goes on with the looting and chaos that occurred directly after. We had no interim government that panned out so we were just stuck there. Then we find out that their are none of these Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They didn’t find one. Years go by, the thousands of young Americans died, and we can’t find a shred of evidence that this was a necessary war to begin with.

While these wars are going on, something big is just happening in the background. Something that President Eisenhower warned the American people about in his farewell address. We didn’t even notice what was going on, but these invisible gears are starting to spin and the only way you can stop it is if you know about it and acknowledge its existence. This machine I’m referring to is the “military industrial complex.” so we have this capitalist system, and these companies making large profits because of this machine. It’s this perfect storm of unbenounced factors that merge together from the defense contractors, to the elected politicians, to the free market sponsored media. No one is to blame and no one is at fault. The politician isn’t the problem, the defense contractors aren’t the problem and the media isn’t the problem, but when you mixed the three together with a little touch of unlimited federal reserve notes you can see this disastrous beast that is created. Like a hurricane in the gulf it keeps growing and growing and getting stronger and stronger, then I’m afraid the scariest thing is, I don’t know what happens next. There are so many mitigating factors that keep this monster alive, but the most simplistic way I can make sense of it is: the wars create a demand, the defense contractors get the government contracts by elected officials, these corporations get bigger and start sponsoring the mainstream media outlets to sell the public on wars and other dangers to keep the businesses going, while at the same time sponsoring the funds needed for the politicians to remain in office, the politicians, in turn continue to sign the contracts over to them. Which brings us to the state of the union on 9/11/12.

Today, we’re in this debt crisis, we’re moving the crosshairs to Iran and Syria to satisfy this perpetual war machine. The elected officials remain in power and want to start this war, but something is getting in the way. This monster has a weakness, and it is the public knowledge of its existence due to the fearless and the whistleblowers that are willing to sacrifice their self to let the truth be heard. My largest fear is that I don’t think the people will wake up to this in time. I don’t know where this path will lead, but I ask you now to share this information with others. Wake them up to this before it is too late for all of us.

In dedication to all the whistleblowers out there.
Thank you,


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