To the Rhythm of the War Drums

To the Rhythm of the the War Drums

I will admit that mostly everything you will read on this site has been an attempt to show you how the world REALLY is. It goes beyond the bombardment of distractions and propaganda we face every day. in my previous posts I’ve cited must-see documentaries, went over the military industrial complex, and tried to put in perspective where the world is heading. Now, based on all the trends I’ve seen in the not so distant past until the present I will attempt to piece together the most accurate account of those uncertain years ahead.

At the homefront.

America has seen the rise and fall of many empires in its short lived 236 years. All of the previous years, this past decade have been a different brand of the America that we had. Can you honestly call this the “land of the free” right now? Do you need to have TSA agents scanning your naked body before every flight? Do we need the NSA scanning and datamining every online search, email text or facebook posting you write? I don’t think any real American would want this unless it served a special interest for them. (ex. TSA agent, Federal government worker, DEA or FbI agents, DHS personnel, etc.). What happens however, when Americans have a constitutional guarantee that “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, an no warrants issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” (-4th amendment) is violated for every American?
This means that any government statute which violates the bill of rights and constitution via data mining or watching what you post on Facebook, twitter, physical computer or cellular phone, are committing treason against the sovereign nation of the US.
This has been going on and has been streamlined ever since the PATRIOT ACT and FISA amendments have been signed into law.
The leadership of our country after the ashes of 9/11 have systematically been taking away more and more personal liberties.
So, either we live in a different country now or everyone who made these laws happen is guilty of treason of the United States.

In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one’s sovereign or nation.

Therefore, one can argue that most of our elected government officials has in fact committed treason against our nation.

As our liberties diminish, one questions if this is even the same country it was promised to us to be.

Military industrial complex

While we are losing freedoms at home, The military industrial complex is in full swing. We are seeing the rise of military equipment build up to the likes of which have never been seen before. From the ships to the tanks to the unmanned drones being stockpiled to the tune of 1 trillion dollars a year (that we know of). We see the endless trains with hundreds of brand new tanks rolling by. We have to wonder what this arsenal would be used for. We have the DHS ordering record numbers of riot gear and 450 million hollow point .40 rounds (that’s more bullets than the population of our country and they are not allowed for war via Geneva). The US Army is also stocking up on the riot gear as well. My only guess is that they plan for civil unrest in America.

Federal funded police force

As we see that the states cannot balance the budget, we also see that the state and local police are only perusing the crimes that are either federally funded or the crimes that generate revenue. New Orleans, for example, has shootings and stabbings going on every night. Despite of this, we find Mandeville police (40 miles away) ticketing an elderly woman at my work for selling alcohol to tricky underage spies. This is a federally funded program that gives money to local police to crack down on businesses selling alcohol to those under 21. We are also seeing DUI checkpoints less than two miles away from the shootings and stabbings with over-the-top police presence because DUI’s generate revenue. Some police will be simply standing in the middle of the highway or on interstate ramps just to write some tickets for seatbelt and brake tag violations. This is obviously to make money, not so much a public safety issue. I feel that the “build up” of police and DHS personnel were supposed to be due to more wars abroad or civil unrest at home, but the thing is, it hasn’t happened yet.

The War Agenda

We have news agencies working around the clock trying to sell us the wars in Syria and Iran. From the photoshopped, fake propaganda photos in the UK to the US news going over and over again about how we need to have a war with Iran for fear that they might get a nuclear weapon. It’s funny how when the Soviets had 30,000 nukes ready to strike us we didn’t have the media trying to push us in an unnecessary war, but when Iran doesn’t even have one we all have to freak out and preemptively attack them. My understanding of this trend is beyond wanting a nonintervenious foreign policy. I’m almost to the point now where I’m hoping for a hasty war with Iran just to keep all the military build up out of this country and put elsewhere in the world because I’m more scared of what they would do to us here. You think they are building all this trillions of dollars worth of state-of-the-art destructive equipment by mistake? The tanks will roll and the drones will fly regardless of where. In a sense, I agree that we need to keep the wars overseas to keep us safe here. The ONLY reason I would now agree with that last argument is that it will keep us safer over here FROM OUR GOVERNMENT.

Where in lies the problem?

The banks. The simplest answers is the Federal Reserve is the root of our problems. What an extraordinary statement, right? What do the bank have to do with it, you’re wondering? The Federal reserve fuels all the limitless debt and spending that the US. Without limitless funds, we wouldn’t have the military industrial complex. The federal reserve really holds our country hostage also, if the Big Gov wants stability, they need our bankers to keep lending or printing money. If our president defied the Gods that control the worlds money, then they have the ability to send us into economic chaos. Ben Franklin warned us that if we cling to security over liberty, we will have neither and lose both. I have to tell you, that man was right. Basically, if the US let the world know about the fraudulent banksters running the world, then the dollar would lose its value. Also, if the banksters stopped financing the world’s arsenal they couldn’t keep the largest fraud in the history of mankind secret. So this is why the Fed is the endgame and the real problem, they are fueling the flame of the US’s power over the world domestically and abroad. They want to make us mindless slaves by the time the fraud comes to light. That way, we’ll be ready for world war 3 with military technology that cannot be matched by anyone else in the world. This is the zeitgeist! And for those of you who sell out real conservatism for the establishment republican candidate, the people are waking up. Of course you hate Ron Paul, the last real American that stands for something. He wants to “End the Fed.” He also wants to stop the global expansion despite the repercussions. You see, even in a total collapse, we would still be able to survive as individuals that serve a purpose. It is truly a shame that most people would rather die an old slave, than to live as a free human being. Isn’t that the real choice here?


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