What is not propaganda.

What is not propaganda?

Although this page may rant about the propaganda beast, I simply want to go over what is NOT propaganda. (perhaps a tougher question).

What is real? Vs What is agenda driven?

Does the information benefit in any way the one who exploits it? Job security, ego, money, recognition, fame, bigger sponsors, etc. can all be rewards for the agenda driven media puppets for example.

We can remember Glenn Beck’s TV show on fox news, where he was (allegedly) fired for exploiting the Federal Reserve. I can commend him for that because he didn’t do it for his own self interest. Therefore, he took a risk to portray what he deems as reality although he may get slammed for it. I believe that this is a perfect example of what is not propaganda.

Who else does the information benefit?
I’ll use fox news as another example. So if you hear Martha maccallum speak about the threat of Iran and portray scare tactics, then who else benefits. The military industrial complex benefits: Northrop Grumman, who is designing and manufacturing some of the deadly drones surely benefits. The stability of those in government benefit. Joe Schmo who builds the missiles benefits, the Guys that build the humvees, tanks, carriers, subs, etc. They all benefit. Congressmen who have factories in their districts benefit (jobs=votes). Israel benefits.

Who doesn’t benefit?
Well certainly Iranians, our young soldiers getting killed, their families, the tax payer, and those who pay higher prices for groceries don’t benefit.

What is the enemy of propaganda?
The truth.

Those who seek the truth and do so aggressively strive to avoid (or watch with cautious cynicism) the propagandized media. Sensationalism masks the truth and distracts. Distractions mask the truth in general. We have our whistleblowers however. Obviously when one watched the GOP debates, you can tell who’s in it for themselves and who’s in it for letting the truth be heard. Romney and Gingrich for example, they knew not to cross Paul and his supporters, because what can you say about him? He can’t be bought, his ideals are genuine, and he sacrifices his own self interests for the truth to be heard. Fox news and Sean Hannity especially knew exactly the best way to deal with Paul the troublemaker. Despite his rising popularity, the best weapon the establishment could use is to simply ignore him.

Never forget that “truth is treason in an empire of lies.” This is one of my favorite quotes about deceiving the masses. It is especially true to these times. If you speak the truth, you are a pariah of the distracted empire. Therefore, an enemy who has committed treason.

As much as I want to end this thread, I cannot with a straight face leave the liberals out of this one.

MSNBC, CNN, ABC, PBS, and NOVA all have their special interests at heart as well. They love President Barrack Obama, or what’s his real last name? Soetoro? Davis?
Obama is the epitome of the worst president in history. His legions are like ticks on a dog trying to suck up all the blood/handouts. His propaganda speaks from the true communist. The best case of the left propaganda is the special interests. The racial minority, the gays, the freaks, the lame, the stupid, the limited, the dependent, the taxpayer funded unionists, the feminazis, the failures, and those who need a big government to save them and their children. Well in short, that is a large base!!! All these networks need to do is praise Obama like Jesus and strategically place gay and minority reporters to do the news so that way they can pander to all of their little babies. Oh so once you take the truth an grind it through all this politically correct garbage of the special interests, then you have the Liberal Propaganda.

So the best way to describe it is, you take a truthful event, then you alter the truth to appease the aforementioned special interests, then you have socialist/leftist propaganda.

Take the isolated incident of Trayvon Martin.

What is not propaganda:
a 17 year old black male was walking through a ritzy neighborhood, he was followed by a overzealous hispanic neighborhood watchman. Trayvon feels threatened, attacks Zimmerman, busts his head over and over on the concrete, Zimmerman shoots, Trayvon dies.

What is propaganda:
An innocent child with skittles and tea was hunted down like a dog by a white supremacist and was murdered in cold blood, simply because he was black.


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