What reflects history.

What history reflects.


This is history, it’s not the fact that Snooki is pregnant or how “subtle” Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was. What’s going to make the history books is government, wars, revolutions, and public awakening. What makes history will be the GOP Louisiana convention that took place on June 2, 2012. What makes history is a party divided on what the role of government should be, divided on how much freedom should be allowed, and divided on how the empire should continue. Sure, to the establishment Ron Paul is nothing more than a speed bump or an obstacle to the agenda of the republican party. Do you really think the Bush ideology will be a positive reflection of the past? Wars based on preemption and lies are spreading on the middle east, Asia, and Africa while freedoms are taken from home.

I figured out the whole Ron Paul strategy and I am a huge fan of it. Think of the country as a huge steam engined train heading full speed down the tracks, the establishment (conductor) figures, if we keep going like this, the track will keep going forever or else we’ll make plans to save everyone when the problem arises.
Ron Paul is telling the establishment that we need to stop this train now! Because by the time we see the end of the tracks it’s already too late. We can save the goddamn train, now!! But it keeps hurdling down the uncertain tracks of the future. So what is Ron Paul doing? He tries to pull the brakes, If that don’t work he’ll try shutting off the engine. If he can’t do that he’ll try to disengage the part of the train to at least save some of it.
He is a realist! He knows no track or empire can last forever.
Now the establishment factors in the train have another problem. Half the people in the train are finding out what’s going on and they want to support Paul. So security jumps in and says no we’re going to follow this agenda no matter what or we’ll detain you. The people can be threatened only so long until they realize that security can’t stop all of them. We’re too many now. Security can cherry pick a few here and there. So we got the numbers and the Paulian supporters decide to fight and overtake the security of the train. The train is the government/country, the tracks are the progression of the agenda the conductor is the power masters that control the government. Government debt/spending would be a downhill slope

Stop the fucking train, or get out the way and let us stop it!


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