I would like to point out something that I believe is a major societal burden we’re faced with today. Shamelessness. Yes, those who have no problem taking what they didn’t earn and consuming everything on the taxpayers dollar. Moreover, the sense of entitlement is also a shameless idea. As any American is constitutionally owed the unalienable right to life, liberty, and property. One should make the case that it must be earned by themselves and not others. This communist manifesto healthcare idea that everyone is owed/entitled to the right to the most modern
healthcare just for breathing. You don’t! Throughout the history of humanity, everyone is entitled to breath. Everything else should be earned. Food, water, transportation, healthcare, jobs, and housing should all be earned not given away. As a result of the gross opposite going on, the powers at be have created the largest disaster of a once great society because of these simple rules had to be ignored.
Now we are left with the ‘shameless’ who feel they are entitled to government subsidized food, housing, and healthcare. They rely on the government like a parasite as the rest of us need to work extra so we can too have housing, food, and healthcare. And now I present to you the dream that became a reality for this filth of an ObamaNation.


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