Love him or hate him, Ron Paul is it!

To the mainstream republicans:

Your largest discontent with Ron Paul is his foreign policy. First, we need to look at where your information is coming from. I’ll venture to say Sean Hannity, Bill O’reilly, and Fox news in general, do any of these tv personalities mirror your own? I would even bet to say that at least one of them do. After watching them and no one else for years, why wouldn’t they? If you are so sure that Muslim terrorists hate us ‘simply for our freedom,’ you still agree with the war in Iraq, or you support bills like the patriot act and the NDAA because you believe it is a necessity to have them; I have to ask for you to please venture out and see what independent news sources are saying. Break away from the comfort zone Fox News for a little bit. Watch a documentary like the one called ‘why we fight.’. Go to, glance the headlines, watch a few of Alex jones’ films, consider the possibility of the past having some conspiracy to it. Wonder why we really need a military presence in 130 countries. Look at the campaign contributions that go to Obama, Romney, and Gingrich and compare them to the contributions going to Paul. Of course fox news wants US to appear misguided on foreign policy. Ron Paul gets more military and veteran contributions than any other republican combined. I’d like you to believe that veterans have a good understanding on foreign policy, because they’ve seen it with their own eyes. I like republicans and you have it almost right, but please dig a little deeper than what fox news has to say.

My eyes have seen allot during hurricane Katrina and the war in Afghanistan. But I can’t change your minds about any of this. That is what you should do yourself. When it is all said and done Ron Paul is fighting for the people of the United States. I just hope you can realize that in time.


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