The Independent media is forecasting a dangerous world up ahead. The sad reality is that what these informal pages and articles are all factual. When we sit and watch what the mainstream media covers it’s quite different.

At drudgereport.com you can see the world for which it is right now. All signs are pointing to world war and many civil wars throughout the world. There is no sense in sugar coating it. We have American forces with the best technology scattered throughout the world. At the same time one can look at the civil unrest in the middle east, Africa, the EU, and the US. While this is going on, you have China and Russia showing discontent of our foreign interventions. The war drums are beating loud in Iran and Syria. The Saudis call for the US to attack Iran due to the current nuclear scare. Russians move forces to Syrian waters, the US sends troops to Australia for a for more of a far east presence. The Greeks and Italians are bankrupt. The US just hit 15 trillion in debt. Israel lost their decades long ally Mubarak from Egypt. Egypt is turning closer to Islam extremism. The US is either leaving Iraq or shifting forces elsewhere. Angry mobs are trying to shut down the financial system in New York.

The question is, where is it all heading?


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