It has been 7 years since I returned from The Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan, serving the Louisiana Army National Guard, but since then some thoughts still plague me as well as developing ones. Can I ask you something? In all honesty, why are we still involved in a war there? Minus the propaganda influenced answers, can someone in charge of this nation answer that? Of course, I’m not buying into the fact that we’re over there to keep the terrorists from coming here. I think the DHS has done enough to stop that!!! (slave collar, anyone?) you see, even if the afghans wanted to attack us here, they couldn’t, Bc they have no money. Keep in mind that the hijackers for 911 were Saudi, not afghan. Anyway, I want to veer off and tell the tale of what life was like out there.

As my boots first hit the ground at bagram air base, Afghanistan, I noticed the dust and dirt, our deuce came and picked some of us from the entrance of the runways, we took our rusty ride out to the tents we were to be staying in and assigning spots to set up cots. Once briefly settled in I walked to get some food from the chow hall.. After I ate I began settling in to my new environment where I was to live out the next 9 months. On of the sergeants came in and told me that I had “hajie guard’ the next day, it would last for a few days. they drop me off at a work site with 5 or 6 afghanis lounging around and talking, and my job at 19 years old was to guard them. The workers were all subject to what I would call “a TSA style pat down” today. Then the would be allowed to enter the base and work. So there I was, 19 years old, with an M249 machine gun keeping watch. This was day 1 of about 269 days to come.
Now like many historic wars, one can’t help but wonder why we are in these foreign lands? I still ask myself that. 9/11 was a tragic event, but it happened in one day. We’ve been occupying Afghanistan for over 10 years. If these countries can’t overthrow a dictator and start a better government by themselves, then why do we assume that we can? Why did the soviets? Afghanistan is a mostly tribal country and very poor. The largest export is Opium which around 70% of the world’s opium comes from there… The best way to fight off us domestic terrorism is to just leave. We need to bring the troops home. We may need them here.


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