Nanny State

Of all the things that is wrong with this country, I have to say, the one that is the most troublesome to me is the “nanny state” aspect. We’re talking about anything from the drinking age laws to the ‘you can’t whip your kids’ laws to the sex crimes laws.

It is an unknown fact to the theocratic media that teenagers will undoubtedly have sex. Now I’m looking at the crime news at an they are putting teenagers in prison for 30 years due to consensual sexual activity involving someone younger than 18 years old and 24 months younger than them. Now in case you’re wondering, that is a life sentence for something that was normal a few decades ago an remains normal in 95% or more of the world’s population. These laws basically make an average teenage girl every bit as dangerous to a young man’s life as guns and explosives combined with the excessive use of illegal drugs. Because it still involves taking a life, cut and dry. it is also no doubt that sexual harassment issues in high school and Jr high have been propagandized into young people’s heads since the mid to late ninety’s (Including when I was in Jr high). I remember a whole school of students getting together and being threatened about getting kicked out of school or worse over inappropriate comments, etc. So I believe this leads to a generation of now adults that have difficulty with the opposite sex, because through their development they were blocked from ‘hitting on’ girls they liked. there are so many too. We have to compensate by playing video games or being fanatical over sports stats. Also it leads to a very demasculated society we have now. So, less room for males to go for what is natural and more room for the nanny to chain everyone down.

As far as the drinking age, we have veterans getting in trouble for drinking, I can go over my MIP that received some attention nationally and almost a spot in national news. (thanks to alex at nyra). I want to keep this as general ad I can, however, we see isolated incidents blown up enough on the mainstream media, an exact opposite of what I’m trying to do. I just can’t get over the fact that we have over 1,000 dead from the frivolous wars that were too young to drink. Indeed the ultimate sacrifice, for the country to shit on their rights for the nanny state. If I were to die tomorrow, and their was one backwards ass thing I had to pick out about the whole system, this one is it. Put this one in stone. No war before bar. Alcohol in itself isn’t the danger and neither is being young. No doubt kids do some stupid shit, but so do adults, and it’s a small price to pay for freedom.

We have a crime ridden cesspool full of stabbings and shootings every night across the lake and here they use federal money to underage spies to trick employees to sell alcohol to minors. Once again, the nanny prevails.

Now with an overprotective government, it leaves a generation of kids acting like those of which had overprotective parents. They don’t know there ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to the real world. I’m sure we’ll see WW3 soon and the Demasculated youth were show their real form and the world will see the product of a true nanny state. The world will have it’s eyes on the weak castrated sheep we are raising to get lead to the slaughter.


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