Liberal Propaganda

Of all the modern propaganda circulating our world and specifically the US, everyone has their favorites, and of all the bullshit, this one is the crowned jewel of the most extreme and severely perpetrated propaganda we face today, because they currently own the mainstream media (all except for fox news, but I’ll get to them) and the united states government, and have most of the impact of our lives.

They are most noted for gun restrictions, supporting overall big government, lying consistently about “man-made” global warming, labeling rightwing minded veterans as terrorist, allowing for frivolous lawsuits, wanting to raise taxes on the “makers” and giving to the “takers,” making local and state problems a federal problem, wanting to give illegal immigrants amnesty, wanting to raise taxes on the workers, while expanding unemployment benefits, printing money like an out-of-control kid in a candy store, calling tea parties racist, trying to fade out individual responsibility overall, supporting backwards ass ‘special interest’ groups, enjoy putting a ‘white face’ on terror while ignoring the faults of any others, screwing over all people over endangered species like cutting off water to hundreds of farms in CA over a minnow, hugging trees, supporting affirmative action, taxpayer funded workers unions, and supporting some of the lesser important items to me such as gay marriage and adoptions, abortions, etc. And of course they have the controlling interests of the country.

See, the hardest thing about this thread is figuring out where to begin…


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