Big Pharma

Our medical system in America is so ass backwards right now. There are generally two sides to the medical industry: Those who support corporate healthcare and those who support government ran healthcare. Both are flawed systems and I’ll tell you why.

Corporate Healthcare does not work, because corporatism has to do with profit maximization and combine that with YOUR health, it makes a deadly combination. The drug companies, doctors, pharmacists, all need to sell off meds to make more money. This is devastating for us. The pay and prestige of the medical industry has been going up disproportionately compared to other industries. Once you throw in insurance companies making deals with this industry, they keep the costs higher and higher to the point it is now, where almost no one can actually afford healthcare without insurance. Well this is a match made in hell. All of their profits will go up while they take more and more money out of your pocket. Also, when it is profitable these overpaid doctors want to see you more often, not for your health, but to make more money.

Government run healthcare has it’s faults as well, rationed care, you become more of a number, doctors are less engaged with their patients. However it won’t cost you as much because they don’t have to see you as often. The worst thing government could have done is combine govt run with mandatory insurance for all Americans or Obamacare.

My common sense solution to fixing healthcare in America. First off, we need to get rid of these lobbyists. We don’t need these elite salesmen bribing our elected officials.
We need to lower the prestige of the doctors and let less qualified people diagnose and prescribe medication to those who cant afford the elite doctors. We need to completely get rid of medical insurance, because they are what caused the price of healthcare to skyrocket. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies, all need to get paid much less than what they are now to save our industry. So In essence lawyers cannot sue a ridiculous amount of money for mistreatment, which also makes the costs high. One way to start all of this is lowering the cost to become a doctor, in a free market, doctors should have to compete for patients just like any other free market system. By having a surplus of these less prestigious doctors it will lower the cost.
As far as pharmaceutical companies, the need to sell products that an average American can afford. Free market competition will help this as well. Despite all the hype you’ve heard about the healthcare debates, consider my option.


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