The Grid

The Tyrannical Leader


Of course the days of privacy are over, please read this article: click here

When Americans were free, we didn’t have to worry about data mining and the vast knowledge that the government has on us. There were good times we left behind, no smartphones w/gps, no facebook, and Internet anonymity. However, now that most americans are considered a threat and not protected by article IV of the bill of rights. We have allowed the government to run amuck and invade every aspect of our personal life without warrants. Unfortunately this subject is not something you’ll see on the main stream news often. It’s actually under stealth. It’s almost as if we as individuals are all prisoners, because our rights have been stolen from us in this post 9/11 era. But no one really cares, right? I mean we have celebrity scandals, royal weddings, and other sensationalist subjects in the media. It is very tragic to know that the constitution is being abolished, but it’s even more tragic that we have sheeple that let it go on. So stay tuned to ur Casey Anthony trial as the world falls apart. What a fantastic illusion.


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