Global Domination

Why is it that America feels that it has the right to invade sovereign nations that pose no threat to OUR ‘national security’?

This documentary explains that pretty well
This documentary answers that question quite well and keep in mind this was made before or last three non-approved wars we started: Pakistan, Yemen, and Libya.

Due to my service for 10 months in Afghanistan, I deserve to have a little say-so in this. The most common political rhetoric would have the dumbed down majority think we should be involved in these wars, in the name of “National Security.” However, the countries we’re invading pose no threat to us, or would never have the means to attack us. “What about September 11th?” The hijackers weren’t even Afghanis, yet we have a need to occupy and risk life and limb for our Military Industrial Complex. It’s been just about 10 years now and the thought of leaving is nowhere in sight. (not to mention the permanent bases we’re building there) The thoughts I had personally about the Afghan people while I was there was, #1 They only wanted us there so they can make money off of us. #2 I honestly believe we’d be hit by direct fire there if the people had money to buy the guns, but they don’t. (they usually shoot bases indirectly with crappy and cheaply made “rockets”.) because, generally they couldn’t afford better weapons. And #3 They are barbaric “little boy sodimizers” because their twisted beliefs make you believe that it is ok to sell women for ridiculous dowries that most cannot afford, so they sell off the little boys as sex slaves for a much cheaper price. Just the people we must bankrupt our country and kill off our own sons to protect, right?

But now we’re bombing Libya, under the guise of NATO to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi, And support the rebels that may be Al Qaeda supporters, which are also the types that we’re killing in Yemen and Pakistan as well. If that doesn’t make sense to you either, then maybe we should all sit back and watch what’s really important in the world, like royal weddings, the Casey Anthony Trials and the latest Lady Gaga sales.


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